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A Digital Marketing Storyteller


Marketing and Advertising specialist with a flair for creative and unique digital media creations. Excelling in conceptual Digital Social Media Marketing for all types of business ventures. Always up to date with the latest Web based and mobile technology trends, i like pi Productions always goes the distance for you in any and all endeavors!

•Skilled in conflict resolution, performance evaluation, facilitating diverse learning, and building productive relationships with clients and staff.

•An experienced, hands on marketing expert accountable for leading the ‘big idea’ development in execution and project management of innovative projects.

•Constantly inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of new media E-Commerce campaigns with a skill set built on the the art of leveraging and engineering social media marketing and Branding and Logo Creation Strategies.

•Proficient in the latest techniques regarding E-Business Marketing strategies and SEO/SEM and Social Media Strategies and Website content creation and well versed in Project Management proficiency.

Skilled in Various Software Specialties:

*Adobe After Effects
*Microsoft Excel
*Adobe Premiere Pro
*Microsoft Word
*Adobe Photoshop
*Microsoft PowerPoint
*Adobe Illustrator
*Microsoft Publisher
*Microsoft Access
*Microsoft Outlook
*Sony Vegas Pro
*Autodesk 3ds Max

*Adobe In Design


**Advanced skills in Photography and Digital Film Creation and Editing

Video Camera
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